ACA Staff Listed by Name

Main Phone: 800-428-2267 or 765-342-8456

Angela Ambrosini, Director of Marketing, ext. 532

Rhonda Begley, Chief Financial Officer, ext. 315

Deb Bialeschki, Director of Research, ext. 318

Paul Bidwell, Web Designer, ext. 507

Michele Branconier, Executive Director of Southern California/Hawaii Field Office, ext. 520

Kim Brosnan, Director of Knowledge Systems, ext. 314

Kim Bruno, National Sales Manager, ext. 309

Shaun Bundy, Membership & Customer Service, ext. 509

Jennifer Burchard, Administrative Associate, ext. 323

Nancy Canter, Executive Director of Chesapeake Field Office, ext. 524

Missy Casner, Database Administrator, ext. 505

Charlie Caspari, Executive Director of St. Louis Field Office, ext. 519

Michael Chauveau, Executive Director of Keystone Regional Field Office, ext. 526

Barb Collins, Executive Director of Great Rivers Field Office, ext. 536

Rick Garcia, Membership Manager in Southern California/Hawaii, ext. 527

Alex Hammock, National Sales Associate, ext. 319

Widge Hazell, Education Associate in Keystone Field Office, ext. 528

Chelsea Hendrikx, Executive Director of Evergreen and Oregon Trail Field Offices, ext. 343

Tom Holland, Chief Foundation and Funds Development Officer, ext. 308

Tracy Holman, Public Relations, ext. 502

Tim Huchton, Executive Director of Texoma Field Office, ext. 539

Melany Irvin, Education Associate, ext. 503

Katie Johnson, Executive Director of Southeastern Field Office, ext. 341

Amy Katzenberger, Chief Program Officer, ext. 515

Harriet Lowe, Editor-in-Chief, Camping Magazine, ext. 303

Lisa Masterman, Membership & Customer Service, ext. 510

Paula McCarns, National Sales Associate, ext. 319

Denise McClure, Accountant, ext. 313

Rhonda Mickelson, Director of Standards Program, ext. 306

Nina Pierson, Membership & Customer Service, ext. 506

Danielle Pinney, Executive Director of Northern California Field Office, ext. 523

Kim Rathsack, Executive Director of Wisconsin Field Office, ext. 529

Cyndi Satlow, Education and Membership Service Manager of Southeastern Field Office, ext. 342

Tom Schenk, Information Technology Director, ext. 513

Maria Schugel, Executive Director of Northland Field Office, ext. 534

Peg Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Peg Smith Bio, ext. 310

Andrea Stearley, Education Associate, ext. 305

Rob Stout, Facility Technician, ext. 301

Betsy Thamert, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Field Office, ext. 349

Grechen Throop, Membership & Special Projects, ext. 517

Susan Yoder, Chief Public Policy and Outreach Officer, ext. 302