ACA Accreditation: The Call to Consistency

The new marketing tools are designed to help you convey the value of accreditation to a public ready to hear about how Fun and Safety can co-exist at camp; how ACA Camps Set the Standard; and how new marketing language, presented consistently over time, can give your camp the edge . . . .

As you prepare to use the new accredited-camp logo, preview ACA’s new image, for background information.

Next, you will find usage guidelines, instructions, and useful links to help portray the new image of ACA and the value of accreditation consistently not only in your materials but in all materials produced by camps nationally. In addition, each revised marketing tool reflects new and contemporary language, which will help all camps consistently communicate the positive impacts and value of camp.

ACA urges all camps to incorporate this new language as well as the new logo and brand.

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