72-Hour Rule

The 72-Hour Rule is very different than, and not to be confused with, the ICA process. The 72-Hour Rule is a courtesy that may be extended to a camp as an option for the director to get his or her hands on missing documentation. The 72-Hour Rule may only be used for standards that require written documentation that can be verified to already be in existence but for some inexplicable reason are not present at the time of the visit.

To extend the courtesy of the 72-Hour Rule follow these steps:

  1. Mark the standard a "NO" and comment on the score form.
  2. Indicate WHY the documentation is missing and WHAT documentation needs to be sent to the lead Visitor.
  3. Visitor will explain to the director what needs to be sent and how things need to be sent. Visitor will also explain the consequences if documentation is not sent, is incomplete, or is inaccurate.
  4. Camp sends documentation to the lead Visitor within 72-hours.
  5. Lead Visitor holds the score form for 72-hours.
    1. If the documentation received is acceptable
      1. Visitor will change the score to "YES."
      2. Add a comment on the score form related to the changed score.
    2. If the documentation is not received or not acceptable
      1. Visitor will leave the "No" as originally scored.
  6. Lead Visitor will promptly send the score form to ACA national office after documentation arrives or 72-hours.