How Do I Score It?

You are visiting a day camp that offers adventure trips to their teenage campers, as a special program, where they travel from place to place (pre-selected and pre-arranged destinations) for four consecutive days each week.

Do you score the PT section of standards for this day camp?
Yes, and you will also need to score the resident camp standards for this camp. Looking at the applicability statement on page 277 of the Accreditation Process Guide, you are directed “Because trip and travel participants stay overnight for multiple nights, trip and travel programs are considered specialty resident camp programs. Camps that offer trips must meet resident camp requirements for the trip/travel programs and participants.” Therefore, you will need to score both the day camp and resident camp mode standards for this camp.

You are visiting a family camp that hosts thirty-five families each week for ten weeks. It never operates as a "full residential camp." The parents are in attendance at camp the entire week, and the families stay together in individual cabins.

How do you score the HW section of the Standards for this family camp?
The camp technically doesn't fit any of the modes of operation when scoring this section. However, if you look at the applicability boxes on pages 91 and 117 in the Accreditation Process Guide (APG), it clarifies that only standards HW-23 thru HW-25 would apply to family camps — therefore the camp could DNA the rest of the HW section.

"The majority of the Health and Wellness standards are applicable only to day, resident, and trip/travel programs. The health needs of short-term residential programs, family camp programs, and rentals to user groups are addressed in Standards HW-23 through HW-25" (APG, p. 91). "Standards HW-23 through HW-25 DO NOT APPLY if camps DO NOT operate short-term residential programs, family camps, or provide facilities to user groups" (APG, p.117).

You are visiting a day camp at a local agency. The campers swim onsite at the agency; however, the day camp staff have no responsibility for the pool or the lifeguards.

How should you score the PA section?
Since the day camp program has no responsibility for the pool facilities and personnel, you would need to score the Aquatics section as a Staffed Public Facility.

You are visiting a day camp located exactly two minutes from the local fire department. In consultation with the local fire chief the camp has determined that the local fire department has enough time to respond to any instance that would require an AED. All camp staff are first aid and CPR certified.

How would you score HW-17 — Availability of an AED?
Since the AED may be located on the camp property or available through another provider and the camp as consulted with their local fire department on the matter, the standard would be scored a YES.