From The National Standards Commision

Note from the Chair
On behalf of ACA and the National Standards Commission, thank you for your continued commitment to accreditation. As you visit this year, please remember two things — to be true to the integrity of the standards and to be FOR the camps you visit. Sometimes these things seem to collide. While it is critical that we score the standards accurately, it is just as critical that we are always helpful to the camp and its staff. This means being courteous and non-judgmental. It means that we explain decisions with a sound rationale; that we offer ideas and resources that enable this experience to truly be the EDUCATIONAL opportunity it is meant to be. One of my favorite memories from last summer was hearing a camp director say (after explaining what it would take to get a yes on a standard the camp missed),"This has been the best experience! You have helped me so much!" Be true to the integrity of the standards and be FOR the camps you visit! Have a great summer! —Kathy Trotter, Chair, National Standards Commission

Written Documentation Preview
"The NSC expects that each camp will have completed a Written Documentation Preview (WDP) prior to their on-site visit and this preview should happen prior to the start of the camp season in which the visit will occur." Some very important key points and ideas:

  • This process definitely increases the educational value of a visit by identifying material that is missing or incomplete prior to the day of the visit. However, it must be completed in time for changes to be made, which means that WDP and visit arrangements must be completed in early spring.
  • Remember that during the WDP you are not SCORING the written documentation, but reviewing and notating its completion for the day of the visit. Therefore it is not essential for ALL written documentation to be reviewed — get done what you can.
  • The WDP does NOT have to be in person! Be creative: send e-mails, mail documents, burn a CD, etc.