May a Visitor Terminate a Visit?

  • A visit cannot be ignored.
  • Once a visit begins, it should continue, and the Section is bound to its results.
  • The Section may not ignore the current visit and extend accreditation from a previous visit.

If the visit has started and it becomes evident the camp is not prepared for the visit:

  • The Visitor is encouraged to strengthen the educational process by helping the camp staff understand what they need to do to be prepared for a standards visit the following year.
  • A Visitor should not terminate a visit without full consent of the director; regardless of how unprepared the Visitor feels the director may be.
  • If the scoring cannot be completed, the camp director should be made aware that accreditation will be denied in the current year. See below for required documentation.
  • The camp must be scheduled for a visit the following summer to regain or obtain accreditation.

On a rare occasion, the Visitor may terminate the visit without the consent of the camp director:

  • If the Visitor feels that he/she is being abused by the camp director and no longer feels safe; or
  • If the Visitor encounters an extreme personal emergency.
  • In the event such a situation occurs, the Section Standards Committee will determine an appropriate course of action.

How does a Visitor document a visit that has been terminated?

  • If the visit is not completed, an explanation of the termination should be noted on the comment form, and the rationale and standard at which the visit stopped should be indicated. Both the Visitor and the camp director should sign the score form acknowledging a terminated visit.