Visit Reminders

2011 Spring Standards Newsletter

General Reminders

  • Please mail the score form to the National/Administrative Office (in the envelope provided) immediately following the visit.
  • Remember — for the majority of camps, this will be their second accreditation visit using this set of standards.
  • Prior to heading out the door to visit your camp, make sure you have confirmed the actual/physical address for the camp you will be visiting.
  • Establish the meeting time with the camp and your other visitors.
  • Make sure to take your ACA member number with you on the visit.

Score Form Reminders

  • These forms will be read by a scanner; please do not make any miscellaneous markings in the score boxes.
  • Please use pen to mark your final answers. If you are worried about making mistakes use a pencil while you are scoring. Make half an "X" with the pencil; then use blue or black pen to double check your score form and complete the "X." A flair pen works great for marking the form.
  • If you do make a "mistake" on the score form, please use white out or correction tape to completely "delete" the errant mark and then make the appropriate mark.
  • Mark an "X" over "Yes," "No," or "DNA" to indicate your compliance decision.
  • The signature portion of the form must be completed for the visit to be official. Score forms without the signatures cannot and will not be processed! Make the visit count — collect the signatures. Please record all signatures in ink.
  • The profile will provide a good indication of the activities offered by the camp you will be visiting. It is not inclusive and may need some updating. Please put an “X” by any activity a camp offers that does not already have a letter by it.
  • All "No" scores need a comment. Comments for a "No" score can be made in the comment sections following the group/set of standards being scored. Please remember to initial comments using "VIS" for the visitor's comments or "CD" for the camp director's comments. Do not use names, no personal initials. Use additional paper if necessary. Please record all comments in ink.
  • Indicate the camp name and number on each page in the spaces provided for you.
  • Indicate all modes you are scoring for the camp being visited.
  • Director may make a copy of the score form minus the signature page. Visitors should not make or keep copies of score forms.
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Thank you; concise, straight

Thank you; concise, straight forward, good reminders for all of us.