From The National Standards Commission

2011 Fall Standards Newsletter

September 2011 Meeting Overview and Decisions

The September 2010 National Standards Commission agenda included these items:

  • Reviewed statistics and issues related to the 2011 “visit” season; took corresponding actions.
  • Conducted significant discussion regarding the Accreditation Process Guide, 2012 Edition.
  • Reviewed and made revisions to the Standards Administration Manual.
  • Upheld a decision regarding the accreditation status of camp made by a Local Council of Leaders earlier in the year.
  • Began the review process for the Statement of Compliance regarding potential revisions.

The next meeting of the NSC will be held January, 2012.

National Standards Commission Members:

Kathy Trotter — Chair
Tom Riddleberger
Ron Springs
Dave Sherry
Nancy Garran
Gail Albers
Ann McCollum
Beth Johns Thomas
Noel Torres

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