Technology And The 2012 Standards

2011 Fall Standards Newsletter

ACA Online Accreditation System — General Features

One of the advantages of the revised/reformatted standards is the inclusion of the use of technology. The following components are included in the new online accreditation system. (These areas are discussed during the Visitor Update Training Course. Additional information is also available on ACA’s Web site:

Online Users

  • Camp director (primary contact) of current fee-paying camp.
  • Visitors.
  • Camp staff with a user ID and a relationship with the camp. While the individual does not have to be an ACA member, they must have an ACA user ID number/password and be associated with that camp.

Camp Customizations

  • Customizations defined by camp director and staff.
  • Starts with intake questionnaire.
  • Add/edit/DNA to custom list standards.
  • Upload documents (up to three) per standard.

Camp Self-Assessment Management

  • Camp self-assessment standards are pre-identified by ACA.
  • Camps can sort by self-assessment and compliance status.

Visitor Information and Management

  • Provide basic information about their availability and any conflicts that will be accessible to local standards volunteers for planning purposes.
  • Verify system information is current, and if not, follow link to update personal information.
  • Access information about assigned camps and co-visitor(s).
  • Ability to know if assigned as lead visitor to a camp.
  • Review assigned camp’s written documentation and customizations.
  • Ability to make comments on progress of preparation for director to view.
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