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2011 Fall Standards Newsletter

Standards & Visitors Courses

Any camp being visited in 2012 will need to complete a Standards Course. All visitors must also complete an Update Course prior to conducting a visit. See the list below to help distinguish WHO should take which course. It is strongly recommended the courses be completed IN PERSON (although an online version will be available in early 2012). 

Standards Course (six hours in length): An individual from a camp being visited for the first time in 2012, who will be involved in the preparation of and on site the day of the visit, the new director of a currently accredited camp or someone from a camp the local “office” indicates should take the FULL course. It is strongly recommended this course be taken in person.

Standards UPDATE Course (five hours in length): An individual who has assisted with the preparation for a camp going through the accreditation process is eligible to attend the Standards Update Course.

Visitor Update Course (five hours in length): All current visitors will need to complete the Visitor Update Course prior to conducting a visit. As a visitor, if your camp is being visited in 2012 and you are involved with the preparation for this visit, you do not need to complete the Standards Update Course. The course MUST BE completed in order for a visit to “count.”

Many Thanks to the Instructor Trainers!

Thanks to the standards instructor trainers who spent a September weekend in Indianapolis going through their update training as well as providing valuable input for the 2012 standards. It was a very productive time. All of the update training started with this group of dedicated volunteers. It includes: Jani Brokaw, Dave Silverstein, Cindy Moore, Sharon Kosch, Cathy Scheder, Kat Shreve, Judith Bevan, Kurt Podeszwa, Maile Armstrong, Bev McEntarfer, Nancy Hartmann, Tom Riddleberger, John Beitner, Gail Albers, D.D. Gass, Genie Gunn, Diane Di Cerbo, Carol Johnson, and Dan Reynolds.

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