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2012 Spring Standards Newsletter

Camp Information Form

For each camp you will be visiting this summer, you should have received a “Camp Information Form.” This document is critical and is considered a “conversation starter” for the visitor and the camp director. In addition to having the basics of who to contact and where the camp is located, the form also provides:

  • Potential visit dates
  • Potential Camp Self-Assessment review dates
  • What modes the camp provides (day camp, resident camp, serves rental groups, etc.)
  • What type of aquatic programs might be offered (if any)
  • List of specialized activities

In your conversations with the camp contact, make sure to discuss the activities/programs the camp offers. Look at the camp’s Web site. Does the list match? Do the photos match? Ask and ask again about all activities the camp offers to make sure there are no surprises on the day of the visit. 

The camp information sheet is to be mailed with the score form immediately following the visit. This form is used specifically for visit purposes and no changes will be made to the camp’s listing in “Find a Camp” or in the ACA database based on this form. 

Camp Self-Assessment

As covered in the Visitor Update Training, all camps must complete a “Camp Self-Assessment (CSA)” review prior to the start of staff training for the summer season (or earlier if required by the local leadership). This consists of a review of twenty pre-identified standards all requiring written documentation. It is expected the written documentation will be complete at the time of the review, although the actual scoring will take place the day of the on-site visit. 

Due to the fact the CSA must be completed prior to the start of the camp season, it is very important for visitors to make contact with their assigned camps as soon as the assignment is received to establish a time by which the camp feels the required documentation will be ready to review AND to determine how this review will occur (viewing the “My Accreditation” page on the ACA Web site, e-mailing documents, etc.). It is important to remember this review does NOT need to be completed in person, although that is an option.

The document on which to note the results of the CSA can be found at . From this site, you can choose a checklist that contains only those written standards required in the CSA, or you can choose a checklist that includes all written standards (those required for the CSA are at the beginning). REMEMBER: While only the twenty standards identified as part of the CSA are required to be reviewed prior to the start of staff training, additional written documentation can be reviewed if it is mutually agreed upon by both the camp contact and the visitor.

If the camp you are assigned is not prepared to complete the CSA, immediately contact your standards chair (or ACA staff from your area) to discuss options. 

ACA Web-Based Tools for the Visitor

Visitors will have access to view the customizations of the “My Accreditation” page of the camp(s) they will be visiting this summer. A few key things to remember:

  • Prior to reviewing any of the camp’s documents, make sure to confirm with the camp’s contact that they are ready for you to review such documents! 
  • Go to “My Visits and Tutorial” found at:  
  • After taking the tutorial, follow the steps on that page to access your camp.
  • If you do not find your assigned camp listed, contact the ACA staff member who supports the standards in your area. (You must contact the staff member to have them provide you the access; this is a task the volunteer standards chair can’t complete.)
  • Using the “Camp Self-Assessment” worksheet, you can mark written standards as seen/not seen.
  • You can make “notes” both on the Web site and/or on your worksheet.
  • Contact the camp contact to determine if you have any questions on what should be available.
  • Confirm with the camp you have reviewed written documentation. Be sure they receive a copy of your review of their CSA. 


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