Camp Self-Assessment and Training

2012 Fall Standards Newsletter

Camp Self-Assessement

A Camp Self-Assessment (CSA) is a required review of the written documentation for twenty pre-identified standards and must be completed by May 1. Some local offices might require an earlier completion date and can use their discretion if a camp can’t meet the May 1 date.

Internal Review + Preparation = Camp Self-Assessment
A CSA review prior to the actual day of the visit is an important element of the educational process of the standards program. The purpose is to stress to the camp personnel the need for prior preparation and allow the camp/visitor to help gauge the readiness of the camp for the on-site visit. The review of the self-assessment may be completed in two ways: person to person in the months prior to the start of the summer camp season or by mail or electronic exchange of documentation with a phone follow-up. Some documentation might also be viewed on a camp’s Web site (such as job descriptions, transportation information for parents, etc.).

How Is a CSA Different than a Written Documentation Preview?

  • A CAS is required and consists of twenty pre-identified standards (most of which should be done months prior to the review because of the topic of the chosen standards).
  • A CSA is to be completed AND REVIEWED prior to May 1.
  • Ideally, additional documentation would be reviewed prior to the start of camp so any deficiencies noted could be corrected PRIOR to the start of the season vs. mid-season. (Remember, a currently accredited camp signs an Annual Statement of Compliance indicating they are in compliance with the standards.)

There is a form currently available that can be used to record completion of the CSA as well as additional written standards. 

As the CSA must be completed no later than May 1, standards chairs have been asked to make visitor assignments as early in the new year as possible. Once you have received your assignment, please make contact with your co-visitor(s) and camp designee immediately to begin the visit process.


While there is no mandatory training for current visitors for 2014, there will be a “Visitor Refresher.” It is strongly recommended all visitors view this fifteen- to twenty-minute online refresher. It will highlight things learned over the past years to bring a higher level of consistency and integrity to the program. Watch for specific information in January.