From The National Standards Commission

2012 Fall Standards Newsletter

National Standards Commission Members (September 2012 – August 2013)

Kathy Trotter — Chair (Heart of the South)
Dan Reynolds (Ohio)
John Dovic (Southeastern)
Dave Sherry (Great Rivers)
Jed Buck (New York/New Jersey)
Gail Albers (Rocky Mountain)
Ann McCollum (Rocky Mountain)
Beth Johns Thomas (New England)
Noel Torres (Southern California/Hawaii)

September 2012 Meeting Overview and Decisions

The September 2012 National Standards Commission agenda included these items:

  • Reviewed initial statistics and issues related to the 2012 “visit” season.
  • Had the opportunity to visit with ACA National President Tish Bolger as well as several ACA staff members.
  • Met and conducted general discussions with ACA Legal Counsel Rich Smikle.
  • Conducted significant discussion regarding specific standards of concern or those needing additional clarification (wording did not match the intent of the standard). This discussion resulted in several revisions to the standards.
  • Discussed the importance of continued training for all involved with the accreditation process: camp personnel, visitors, and staff.
  • Made suggestions to help address the visitor shortage issue for the immediate future. 

The next meeting of the NSC will be held January, 2013.