Technology And The 2012 Standards

2012 Fall Standards Newsletter

ACA Online Accreditation Tools

One of the advantages of the revised/reformatted standards is the inclusion of the use of technology. The following components are included in the online accreditation tools. Based on comments from users and upgrades to the software used, ACA has made some revisions and modifications to the “My Accreditation” and “My Visits” sites. 
Features include:

  • Sites can now be accessed through Chrome and Safari browsers as well as Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Visitors comment in a box separate from the camp personnel.   
  • The site is more user friendly.
  • All information (written documentation, perceived compliance statuses, and comments) previously entered was “transferred” (so nothing has been lost).
  • Additional reports available.

There is an UPDATED tutorial that should be taken prior to use (or prior to visiting if having used version 1). 

Who Can Access?

  • Camp director (primary contact) of current fee-paying camp.
  • Visitors, once the “connection” has been made in the data base by the local staff member.
  • Camp staff with a user ID and a relationship with the camp. While the individual does not have to be an ACA member, they must have an ACA user ID number/password and be associated with that camp — contact your local ACA office for assistance.

Why Use the Online Tools?
For the Camp (preparation and organization for visit)

  • Ability to refine/edit standards that should be a DNA.
  • Upload documents to a secure site.
  • Standards can be sorted a variety of ways (by section, by mandatory, by those requiring written documentation, etc.)
  • Ability to print off the “customized” set of standards specific to your camp along with additional reports.

For the Visitor

  • Provide basic information about your availability and any conflicts, which will be accessible to local standards volunteers for planning purposes.
  • Verify system information is current and update if not.
  • Ability to know if assigned as lead visitor to a camp.
  • Access information about assigned camps and co-visitor(s).
  • Review assigned camp’s written documentation, perceived compliance statuses, and customizations.

Ability to make comments on progress of preparation for director to view.