From The National Standards Commission

2013 Spring Standards Newsletter

NSC Chair: Thanks to Kathy and Welcome to Jude!

We are very excited to share the selection of the next chair of the National Standards Commission (NSC). While we will greatly miss and are thankful for the strong leadership of the current chair, Kathy Trotter, we are excited to welcome the incoming chair, Judith (Jude) Bevan.

Kathy has served as the NSC chairperson since 2006 and has overseen the revisions/reformatting of the ACA standards — not once, but twice! She has also helped move the NSC to the overseeing and forward-thinking group it is today. Her experience and leadership have been invaluable and will be missed.

Jude is very familiar with the ACA Standards Program. She served in the past as a standards chair and is currently an instructor trainer. In addition to Jude’s knowledge of standards, she is very familiar with ACA. She served on ACA’s Education and Accreditation Task Force; was the recent chair of the Task Force on the Local Council of Leaders; is the current chair of the Local Council of Leaders of ACA, Southeastern; and has been instrumental in providing leadership to the National Council of Leaders.

Camp Self-Assessment (CSA)

By the time you read this, the date by which the Camp Self-Assessment (CSA) should have been completed has passed. YET, we know that life happens and, at times, deadlines are not met. With that said, the NSC has requested all CSAs be completed this month (preferably by May 1).

Preparation and internal review of twenty pre-identified standards = CSA

Visitor Refresher Course — Complete Now!

ACA Inc. has created a brief, twenty-minute, online Visitor Refresher Course. The link for the course (along with directions on how to enroll) is posted on ACA’s Web page for standards visitors. The topics presented in the course are those that caused some confusion over the past year. The National Standards Commission highly recommends that all visitors complete this refresher. If you haven’t yet completed the course, please take the time now!

Current Tasks of the NSC

The NSC has been busy this past year as they addressed and/or will be addressing the following:

  • Conducted six appeals at their January meeting
  • Accepted the recommendation of the Visitor Task Force to explore the option of a five-year accreditation model if a camp meets specific criteria and completes proposed tasks in the non-visit years. NOTE: While the recommendation has been accepted, we are in the discovery phase. Be watching for more information!
  • Reviewed a number of standards for potential revisions and/or clarification. There are other standards that will continue to be monitored to determine if any changes need to be made.
  • As a follow up to the National Council of Leaders discussion at the 2013 ACA National Conference, the NSC will be reviewing standards with the lens of the issue of emerging public violence and security and the impact on the camp community.