National Standards Commission (NSC)

2014 Winter Standards Newsletter

The NSC started a busy year with an in-person meeting in September, followed by a conference call in November, and many email conversations.  Their next scheduled in-person meeting is January 10–11.  The purpose of the NSC is to develop, monitor, and implement an accreditation program for ACA that achieves the ends of the organization, resulting in higher quality camp experiences and a greater understanding of and support for the value of the camp experience with both internal and external audiences. 

During their September meeting, the NSC focused on:

  • Questions regarding standards and potential standards revisions (there will be no new standards in effect for 2014).
  • The future accreditation model and the next steps to be taken. The NSC has received a considerable amount of helpful feedback from a variety of sources.  All comments are being reviewed to help inform those next steps.
  • Review of the 2013 season.

NSC members are:

Judith Bevan – Chair (Southeastern)
Gail Albers (Rocky Mountain)
Jed Buck (New York / New Jersey)
John Dovic (Southeastern)
Beth Johns-Thomas (New England)
Ann McCollum (Southwest)
Dan Reynolds (Ohio)
Noel Torres (Southern California / Hawaii)