Things To Remember For 2014

2014 Winter Standards Newsletter


More and more camps are using technology for a variety of purposes: registration of campers, social media, staff applications, etc.  This use of technology also includes preparing for their accreditation visit! 

As you should know, ACA provides a web-based tool to help a camp prepare and has some great advantages (the key benefit being they can generate a set of standards JUST for their camp!).  It is important to ask the staff member assisting with their visit if they are using ACA’s “My Accreditation” and if so, it is important for you to become familiar with this tool as well!  To learn more, check out:

CAMP SELF-ASSESSMENT (CSA) = 20 pre-identified standards to be reviewed by May 1.

How does this differ from the “old Written Documentation Preview”?

  • The CSA is REQUIRED!
  • The written documentation for the CSA should be reviewed prior to May 1 (or as determined by local leadership).
  • It is GREAT to review additional written documentation and some areas strongly encourage this!
  • Documents can be reviewed electronically with a follow-up phone call (or via Skype), in person, and/or by someone other than the visitor who conducts the on-site visit.
  • Follow-up conversations shortly after completion are CRITICAL! 


As a reminder, while for many of us, it is year three with this set of standards and this process, for camps being visited in 2014, it is YEAR ONE!  The format of the standards, some of the requirements, and the process is new to them.  Your assistance and patience is critical.


Once you have received your visitor assignments (being made in early spring), it is critical to contact your assigned camp (and other visitors) immediately:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Find out if they are using technology as they prepare for their visit.
  • Explain the need to conduct the CSA and set a time by which they will have the required documents available.  Remember the May 1 deadline!  Confirm dates via email.
  • Communicate with the other assigned visitors to set up a date for the on-site visit!
  • Let your local office know the date of your visit.

We know that many/most challenges (and frustrations) can be solved with early communication! 
(Note:  The National Standards Commission heard two appeals at their January meeting that could have been avoided if a conversation between the visitor and the camp representative had occurred to clarify the camp programs and operations prior to the on-site visit).