2014 Spring Standards Newsletter

MANY thanks to all individuals who have made the commitment to serve as an ACA accreditation visitor in 2013! Your service is greatly appreciated!

Please remember to make sure your ACA membership is current when you conduct your visit. If you have questions, please contact us at accreditation@ACAcamps.org!

While they are two simple words, they are said with much sincerity. Without you, ACA volunteer visitors, the ACA accreditation program simply would not “be.” We know many of you are being asked to do more and more for your job and that taking the time away from camp (and/or other responsibilities) can be a real challenge. Yet, we also hope you recognize (and share) the incredible educational opportunity the camp visit is for you — and hopefully those with whom you share the experience. We often hear that serving as a visitor is the best professional development one can “give” himself or herself. I know I learned some of the best tricks of the trade while conducting visits and having conversations with other camp professionals. We hope your experience is similar.

AND, remember — if you conduct TWO or more visits, your name will be placed in the hat for an opportunity to win one of the two 2015 ACA National Conference registrations.

Download a PDF of the newsetter.