ACA Accreditation: Become a Standards Visitor

Visitors are the heart and soul of the ACA standards program. Without them we would have no way to implement the accreditation program. There are no costs to you except your time. You will want to check out the qualifications and responsibilities for both the Associate Visitor and Lead Visitor.

ACA standards visitors believe the benefits they receive by far exceed the investment they make in time to train for and visit camps.

A Chance to Learn

  • How else can you leave your camp during the summer and visit another camp while it is in operation! You may read about programming in Camping Magazine and even listen to a colleague explain how a program works, but it is so much better to see the program in operation.
  • You will see first hand how other camps accomplish their missions and reach their goals. See how they make it work in day to day operation.
  • Get tips and ideas your can use in your own camp. This is good rationale to share with your supervisor or board.

A Chance to Share

  • Our children deserve the best. ACA is dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults through the camp experience. When you help more camps become and maintain their accreditation, you play a very significant part in fulfilling our ACA mission.
  • It's a way to give something back. You have learned so much about how to operate a quality camp through the accreditation program, now you have a way to make sure that others can have the same chance for knowledge and growth as you have had.

A Chance to Save Money

Way to Keep Costs Down

  • This is a voluntary educational program operated by trained visitors who are volunteers. If the association had to pay for standards visitors, the program would become very costly and your share of the fees would increase dramatically.
  • I'm interested. Connect me with my local ACA Standards Specialist or standards chair so I can learn more.