Because of Camp…®: Billboards 101

You can help ACA place advertising on major highways and around metropolitan locations coast to coast! Your charitable contribution of $400 will purchase one billboard and provide a small donation to the ACA Annual Fund to support future innovative initiatives. Your generous support will increase the general public's awareness of ACA and the camp experience in general – propelling ACA one step closer toward realizing the 20/20 Vision, and seeing 20 million children in camp by the year 2020.

  • Each billboard requires a 0 donation. Multiple billboards may be donated; however partial donations are not permitted.
  • Donations must be accompanied by a completed donation form. Donations can also be made online.
  • Donors will be listed on ACA's Top 100 Billboard Chart online and recognized at the ACA National Conference in Denver, Colorado.
  • Specific billboard location cannot be requested.
  • OAAA members choose which of the six billboard designs they wish to place, ACA does not determine which design is selected for specific locations.
  • Billboards cannot be customized.
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