What Makes Us Successful?

Posted: June 16, 2014

Post by Peg Smith

Daniel Goleman, the psychologist who originated the concept of emotional intelligence, states: “High levels of cognitive ability (measured IQ of 120 or greater) are a threshold qualification for leadership roles. Once you are at or above that level, IQ loses power as a predictor of success. EQ then plays a larger role.”

So, how does the camp experience play a role in one’s success? In the book True North, Bill George and Peter Simms write that EQ starts with self-awareness of your life story and the crucibles you have experienced.

At camp, one has the opportunity to participate in three requirements for self-awareness.

  1. One has the opportunity to experience real life/world experiences, including leadership. You are unplugged.
  2. One has the opportunity to reflect about those experiences and consider ways to improve. You are present.
  3. One has the opportunity for group interactions that enhances your chances to share and receive feedback. You are a part of a team.

Although these requirements are not rocket science, often, without intentionality, they are lost in the blur of activity. Don’t miss opportunities to help others learn to be successful.