Want a Career in Camp?

Posted: September 26, 2012

Are you interested in one day having a profession in the camp or youth development industry? Attend an ACA Student Camp Leadership Academy (SCLA) weekend retreat!

SCLA brings students together with camp professionals to take an in-depth look at options for a profession in the camp field. It also helps students build skills to prepare for a career in camp.

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My time at SCLA was one of the best professional development opportunities that I have been given. I could tell right off the bat that everyone there was truly invested in my future as a camp professional, and I made connections that have lasted me well beyond the weekend of the event. Even today, years later, whenever I see someone who was there with me, we stop and say “hi” and talk about that weekend.

You’re taught a lot about what it takes to be a camp professional and the best way to go about getting your foot in the door. Not only are you learning invaluable information, but you’re having fun and meeting new people the whole time.

One of the most unique aspects of SCLA is just how intimate it is. You can be taught a lot of things, but I think one of my favorite things about SCLA was the ability to sit down at dinner with people who were doing exactly what I want to be doing and have a conversation with them — and ask them questions!

We have all seen summer staff who don’t come back because they find what they call a “real” job. SCLA is an essential experience for anyone who is considering finding that “real” job at camp.

Anthony Bates, 2010 SCLA attendee


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Will there be one held in the

Will there be one held in the Northeast/New England Region?

Will there be one in the

Will there be one in the Northeast/New England Region?