Why Do You Work at Camp?

Posted: July 21, 2011

Check out this video from the counselors at Tim Horton Camp Kentahten. Tell us why YOU work at camp by posting a comment below. Better yet, make your own video and share it with us!  

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Why do I work at Camp?

I work at camp because it is an opportunity for me to work in a field involving children of all ages and all backgrounds. It is the most rewarding experience that I have been a part of. I was a camper for three summers in a row and a camp counselor for one summer. I grew up going to camp and working at camp was the best experience ever. Getting to know the children and being there for them when they cried or needed help with anything. I love being the person they cry to when they have bad dreams or when they are home sick or when they fall. The most precious memory I have from working at camp was when I had a day camper named Jane, who was apart of my camper group since I worked with the 6-10 year old girls. She was a day camper all summer and the last week of camp, she told me that she was coming back to camp next summer as a overnight camper and it was because of me and my co-counselor making the camp experience memorable for her. That was the best reward I have ever received as a camp counselor and I couldn't think or life not being a camp cunselor as long as possible.