Moment #30: Color wars take camp by storm . . .

Posted: August 03, 2011
Color Wars

Color wars have brought team unity and the thrill of competition to camp since the mid-1910s. These fun-spirited meta-games are thought to have started as elaborations of Capture the Flag, which was popular at northeastern boys' camps at the time. In these Capture the Flag games, boys would split into two color teams, "often blue and gray for the Union and Confederate armies of the American Civil War," and would try to sneak onto each other's "territory" without beeing seen.

Color wars allow every camper to shine — whether it's playing sports or checkers, creating the best camp cheer or just cheering the loudest. What's your favorite color war activity?

Information from Leslie Paris' Children's Nature: The Rise of the American Summer Camp, pp. 120–121.