Moment #32: Campfires and Candles, Saying Goodbye the Camp Way…

Posted: August 17, 2011

Final campfires, candle ceremonies, talent shows, and saying goodbye. The end of camp is bittersweet, and each camp celebrates differently. Generations of campers have come to love the rituals, and hate the goodbyes associated with them. In her book, Children’s Nature: The Rise of the American Summer Camp, Leslie Paris writes:

No time was more nostalgic than the last night of camp, a moment when the community gathered to recall the summer that was coming to an end. Goodbyes, like the initiations that came before them, took place through ritual events designed to secure camp community while acknowledging it’s endpoint.

How do you celebrate the end of camp?



I try not to say goodbye it seems so final. I would rather say see you next year or see you when I see you or even just bye. But goodbye sound like forever. Have a wonderful end of summer and a great school year!