Moment #48: Camp is the ultimate gift . . .

Posted: December 07, 2011

Camp is the ultimate gift! It gives children a sense of who they are, helps them to become more independent, and opens up a world of opportunity where they see that they CAN become leaders, work with others, and accomplish goals through hard work . . . all while having fun!

This holiday season, give the gift of camp. Whether it is a week at camp for the special child in your life, or a donation to ACA's Send a Child to Camp Fund for a deserving child who might not otherwise have the opportunity, camp really is the gift that will never break or become outdated. The the skills and memories a child gains from a camp experience last a LIFETIME!

To learn more about the gift of camp, read "Giving the Ultimate Gift: Camp" from the November 2011 CAMP e-News.

Find out more about ACA's Send a Child to Camp Fund (which raised $39,000 in 2011, allowing 78 children to enjoy and learn from the camp experience).


I believe that camp is the

I believe that camp is the best place for a kid to go for summer vacations! I used to go there every summer when I was a kid and it was the best time of my childhood! There's no better way of showing your leadership and communication skills and of course a lot of fun!