Moment #50: Camping Magazine is an evolving and relevant resource . . .

Posted: December 21, 2011

Since its first publication in 1930, Camping Magazine has gone through several design revisions. And the content has evolved from news about the association to critical articles and resources on best practices, programming, and camp management.

In the last ten years, Camping Magazine has become the most sought after resource in the camp industry. With cutting edge articles on relevant (and sometimes controversial) topics, and intentional content around history, diversity, and the evolving world of camp, Camping Magazine consistently delivers high quality articles and resources for camps and camp professionals. 

Look for your next issue of Camping Magazine today!

See the Camping Magzine editors through the years.


Was the magazine really

Was the magazine really established so long ago?I didn't know it had such a rich and interesting history... would like to know more and see the first issues!

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