A Call to Action

Posted: May 29, 2014

Guest post by - Kim Ross, Michigan LCOL & Rachel Kornilakis

Summer is almost here and many parents are busy planning activities, vacations and every kid’s favorite, SUMMER CAMP! Foster parents have the same expectations and aspirations for foster children as does any other parent.  They want to keep foster kids busy and engaged and want to offer opportunities for growth and personal development. 

Experts seem to agree that camp benefit s children in many ways. Those benefits can include physical activity, positive role modeling by adults, learning new skills, relationship building, the promotion of independence and increased self esteem.  These benefits are even more vital to children in the foster care system because foster kids have often times missed out on these types of key experiences. Foster children whose lives have been full of uncertainty and despair.

Foster children are at a serious disadvantage when trying to come up with the financial resources for summer camp. Camp is an investment for any family and for foster families that are already managing extended households on very limited resources, the cost of camp is a common barrier.  The Foster Care Navigators are sending out a call to action to all camp managers and Directors: Please help provide foster children with the opportunity to attend camp this summer and summers to come. We are asking camps to help foster kids in their community by creating scholarships specifically for children in care and by offering foster care specialty weeks for children in care and their families.

Reaching out to help a foster child experience camp can make a world of difference and might be one of the most rewarding experiences of their life and yours.

For assistance and information about this opportunity please feel free to contact Kim Ross LOCL, MI section member at 734-528-2077 at the Foster Care Navigator Program.