What's Going On? Development by Ages and Stages

Posted: March 09, 2012

It's amazing how quickly children grow! One minute they are tiny and totally dependent on families for every need, and the next they are gaining independence by leaps and bounds. Each stage of a child's life is unique - bringing new milestones, relationship developments, and yes, even new ways to maximize the camp experience.

ACA offers a helpful guide of these stages to help families not only choose the best camp experience, but also to help them better understand what is happening developmentally as their tiny tot turns into a big kid, or even into a young adult.

Choose an Age Group today and start learning how to help your child make the most of this critical development and growth.


It is actually so fast that

It is actually so fast that we don’t actually see their growth. It is really amazing to see these kids grow so fast. I am just so happy for them. Nowadays, all the kids are talented. It is rather perch fishing lake erie better to say that they have got the exposure that we did not have during our days.