Happy Holidays!

Posted: December 20, 2011

I am so happy that I am writing this today as the new Executive Field Office Staff for the Texoma Section. The Texoma Section has always held a special place in my camping career and to be able to continue my journey in this new position is truly amazing.

As we enter a new chapter in our sections rich history it is important that we do not forget where we have come from. Our section hosts some of the best camps in America, lead by some of the best camp staff in the industry.  Across the board the camps in our section work hard every day to ensure that the children in our region experience what the summer camp dream is all about. This is something that every one of us should be very proud of; we should celebrate the victories big and small of each of the camps in our section. We should share the good news back and forth, and we should always remember that by working together and sharing the knowledge with one another our section can and will be stronger.

This fall dedicated volunteer members of our section worked very hard to ensure that a disruption of services to our members was kept to a minimum. Volunteers served the Texoma Section on the local council of leaders, the Southwest Camp Conference team, standards instructors, and the local hiring team. Without the work and support of these groups as well as the hard work on the ACA National Office our section would have had a more noticeable disruption of services. They worked hard at filling the big shoes left by Dani Shaw whom after twelve years of wonderful and dedicated service to the camps in our region moved on to new challenges in youth development.

Thank you to all who helped and served our section in this time of transition.

As we prepare for the coming year I encourage you to get involved in our section. Serve on a committee, attend an education event such as the Southwest Camp Conference, organize a R.O.C.K. group (Regionally Organized Camping Kindred) in your area, and share with the section the triumphs and successes of your camp.

Over the next few months I look forward to getting to know you and your needs better. I hope to be in contact with each of you so that together we can continue the rich camping tradition that Texas and Oklahoma have worked so hard on in the past.
If you should ever need anything please do not hesitate to contact me.

In Camp,

Tim Huchton
Executive Field Staff Texoma Section