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Posted: August 05, 2011

Camp owners and directors,

I hope that your summers have been successful and that you all found a way to beat the heat and fight through the drought. Some of you, like me, still have some camp left; stay strong, we will make it!!

I wanted to let all of you know about the Student Camp Leadership Academy (SCLA) that will be held at Collin County Adventure Camp, October 14-16. This is a fantastic opportunity for staff members who are interested in a career in camping to learn more about this profession. This is also a chance for rising staff members to gain and strengthen leadership skills before returning to your camp next summer. Participants will attend sessions lead by owners and directors of camps throughout Texas, and get a feel for what it is like to have a top position with a camp. There will also be a session lead by a college advisor to talk about what programs would be beneficial for students who are leaning towards a career in camping.

The application process for the SCLA can be found at The cost of the program is $135.00. This includes room and board. Transportation is not included. Tuition can be paid by the participant, the participant’s camp, the participant’s university, or the participant can apply for a scholarship offered by a local ACA Office. 

Please forward this information to your staff, or pick three or four of your top staff members and let them know about this opportunity. Not only will they benefit from the SCLA, but your camp will have a stronger leader next summer. The class size will be capped at 15, so participants will get to network with other people in similar situations as themselves.

If you have any questions please contact Jonathan Shirley, or at 830-598-2571. Take care. 

Jonathan Shirley 

Camp Champions

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