ACA Standards Aren’t Important . . .

Posted: May 06, 2013


  1. A parent tells me they assumed “someone” was monitoring the camp.
  2. The media calls and asks what set of best practices/standards my camp follows.
  3. I am faced with a difficult situation or crisis and feel grateful I already have systems in place due to the standards program.
  4. I have staff turn-over and my camp’s institutional memory is compromised.
  5. I realize my state offers my camp regulatory relief because we are accredited.
  6. I realize I may be eligible for public funding only if I am accredited.
  7. I realize my insurance carrier requires accreditation and/or my insurance rates will decrease because of accreditation.
  8. I realize it is the professional standard of my profession.
  9. I realize it is the right thing to do for kids.


  1. It is said, “But parents never ask if I am accredited.”
  2. I decide not to place the ACA accredited logo on my Web site.
  3. I think the process is too laborious and time consuming.
  4. I feel it costs too much.
  5. I decide I have been in the business so long I already know what I need to know

Photo courtesy of Camp Kamaji for Girls, Cass Lake, Minnesota