Be Sure to Provide Quiet Space

Posted: December 05, 2011

Jule Sugarman asked me once: "When do you think, Peg?" I fear we fail to provide children and youth the time or space to simply think. Why is it I often come up with good ideas when driving alone? How can young people know what they think if they haven't the time to be quiet and reflect?

Besides, it is also good to learn to spend quality time with yourself every once in a while. If you can't stand to be alone with yourself, how do you expect others to tolerate time spent with you? Quiet space can be managed even in the most robust community . . . such as camp.


Being alone is the only time

Being alone is the only time where you can reflect and think peacefully. It is the moment when you can talk to yourself and God. Yes, we need more time for ourselves to reflect. What should be done and what are my priorities? What are my goals? Questions that can only be answered when we talk to ourselves and reflect what will be our future. The youth today should be provide time and space for themselves so they can discover what lies within them.

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