Counselors Are Participating in Career/Life Internships!

Posted: April 16, 2013

Visit Career One Stop’s Competency Model to find an outline for your counselors’ resumes.

The camp experience/job helps counselors hone their personal effectiveness competencies. They must demonstrate initiative, integrity, and interpersonal skills if they are to be successful camp counselors.

There are academic competencies that are prerequisites for the job of camp counselor and will be practiced throughout the summer: reading, writing, mathematics, science, communication, critical thinking, active listening . . . oh, yes, and wonderful storytelling skills, not to mention music.

Workplace competencies also reign. The camp community is nothing more than successful teamwork that demands flexibility and adaptability. A counselor must know how to focus on the customer/camper as they guide, manage, and coordinate daily events.

Finally, management competencies are an inherent part of the internship. Each day, a counselor will be delegating, networking, monitoring, and supporting others. They will inspire and motivate while managing conflict and team building.

Yes, a camp counselor develops and utilizes many of the life/career skills that will enhance their future success. Don’t fail to articulate these to everyone who will listen!

Photo courtesy of Camp Eagle Ridge, Mellen, Wisconsin