Creating Global Citizens

Posted: November 17, 2011

I recently returned from the International Camping Congress in Hong Kong.

Surrounded by my colleagues in the global camp community, I couldn’t help but ask: What if we could truly be Global Resource Partners for the camp community? What if we used our global wisdom to create a generation of global citizens?

Global citizens are those who are prepared to deliver a global promise — leaders who must address the vexing global problems facing our world today: global economy, climate changes, and the impact of technology on our world.

The best we can do is teach our kids to live with people of different cultures and languages, and to honor what Joseph Cornell called our “ancient community” — nature.

Like nature, the camp community is a complex, diverse, dynamic system that can use creative disorder to find new meaning. We can synthesize our intuition and our creativity to discover harmony.


Our responsibility to the global camp community

Having also returned from the International Camping Congress in Hong Kong and travel in China, I share Peg's and Mary Helen's thoughts. I also believe that part of being good global citizens is being open to learning from our colleagues around the world. There are so many wonderful programs on every continent that are different from those in North America but also have great value. It is my hope that there will be more young professionals from North America present at the 10th International Camping Congress in Antalya, Turkey. We all have so much to learn and share!

True to our core...

I have had similar thoughts since my return, especially after spending time in China, a country so different from the USA.

I believe that the natural environment is a good place to help folks learn to know themselves better, appreciate others better and learn the importance of sustaining together.

Our future depends on it.