Fill a Tummy, Fill a Heart This Season

Posted: December 12, 2011

So many young people are without adequate food and shelter this season. I know those of us who can will remember to be generous with others in order to help fill stomachs, cloth bare heads and feet, and support those without a home. But let's not forget to fill the heart and spirit.

You know the sheer joy a young person receives when given a colorful package with shiny ribbons. The fun of ripping open the package to find a small toy or stuffed animal is immeasurable. And consider the bonus if attached to that toy or stuffed animal is a scholarship for a camp experience! Fill a heart — it could be a joy of a lifetime.

Read more about the gift of camp in CAMP e-News, ACA's newsletter for parents. And don't forget, ACA's Send a Child to Camp Fund is always available as a way for you to give the gift of camp to a deserving child who will benefit greatly from the camp experience.