Grit and Academic Success

Posted: May 29, 2012

I love to read, and as such, many people forward things to me they think I might find interesting. It is great — I feel like I have my own set of librarians working just for me. ACA’s Director of Research Deb Bialeschki is one of those librarians.

Last week, Deb shared an article with me by Shelly Engelman and Tom McKlin about “Grit” as a measure of academic success. Seriously! They write: “While interest and content knowledge do contribute to achieving goals, psychologists have recently found that Grit — defined as perseverance and passion for long-term goals — is potentially the most important predictor of success. In fact, research indicates that the correlation between grit and achievement was twice as large as the correlation between IQ and achievement.”

Let’s a give a “Woo Hoo!” Or as Linda Erceg, executive director of the Association of Camp Nurses, would say, “Hot spit!”

We are all starting our summer season of the camp experience. Without a doubt, we are helping young people discover their firmness of character and indomitable spirit when making new friends, trying new activities, and sharing a learning community with others. They will dare to face new and, at times, difficult experiences — using resources and courage — while being supported by a caring and, more often than not, cheering group of supporters. I believe we excel in the acquisition of GRIT!

Photo courtesy of Camp John Marc in Meridian, Texas.


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