Intellectual and Moral Courage

Posted: December 20, 2011

I believe the camp experience should be a part of every child's developmental growth and education. As such, ACA supports those who create exceptional futures for children and youth through quality camp experiences. Even after 150 years, today, a quality camp experience makes the world better by creating 21st century leaders who understand character, community, collaboration, and citizenship.

Yet, maybe more importantly, in a world that is consumed by a tsunami of fear that causes us to consider keeping young people hostage in academic institutions 24/7, the camp community has the ability to encourage intellectual courage — a courage that recognizes challenge, imagination, and innovation. We encourage young people to seek solutions and alternatives. We appreciate and understand that mistakes teach important lessons.

At the same time, the quality camp experience instills moral courage — a courage that demonstrates conviction and supports the use of one's voice to make a positive change in the world. Maybe today, more than any time in our history, young people need positive camp experiences.