Not Just a Summer Job

Posted: February 14, 2012

Recently I picked up the book True North, written by Bill George with Doug Baker. Released in September 2011, the book centers around leadership development. I found these words inspiring for camp counselors: “The missing link in leadership development is having a safe place where people can share their experiences, challenges, and frustrations, and receive honest feedback.”

A young adult wanting to develop real-world experiences, receive immediate and relevant reflection and feedback designed to ensure success (not punitive), and learn to work in groups sharing interactions and problem solving should seriously consider becoming a camp counselor. A camp counselor receives personal value while offering social and educational value to others. Such a deal!


Not Just a Summer Job


I was thrilled when one of my staff mentioned I should look at your post. Imagine my surprise that you would mention True North!

I developed staff training and several workshops presented to various camps and outdoor education groups after having read several leadership books; one being True North. Another book along the same lines is Total Leadership by Stewart D Friedman.

I appreciate that the ACA promotes the incredible developmental benefits of being a camp counselor. Your acknowledgment and encouragement for intentional staff development provides a necessary support in the work that is done on the local level.

Thank you.


Not Just a Summer Job


I regularly read and enjoy the content of your blog. Rarely do I post comments, but felt compelled today to say "thank you". Just this weekend I was having a conversation with one of our summer leadership staff about the importance of remembering the critical role we play in the development of our summer staff. We talked about the care with which we plan the intentionality of the camp experience for our campers, but we need to think and plan with the same intentionality of our staff development. When I read your post this morning, it occurred to me that I should pass your thoughts on to that leadership staff. Hearing from a different voice is always positive. I did pass it on and I've already had feedback.

That staff member was also trying to encourage me to add a blog feature to our new website......listening and hearing goes both ways :).

Thank you - I will continue to pass your thoughts on.