Out of the Blue

Posted: January 17, 2012

Sometimes in life one is blessed with an “out of the blue” moment. It is when something or someone comes to you that is unexpected and initially appears to be unrelated to everything else that may be going on but provides a tremendous profit in spirit or support. If one pays attention, one realizes its import and critical value to not only that moment in time but, if treasured, many moments yet to occur.

Out of the blue moments are often gifts of the greatest nature. Today, unexpectedly, I received a package. I have been blessed a number of times in my life with notes or phone calls offering out of the blue inspiration and support. The package received recently from Norman Friedman was another such moment — out of the blue. I admire Norman for all that he has done in his life to protect children and youth, and I feel honored to consider him a friend.

But why the out of the blue package? I have to believe that he knew it was going to be important to me. I doubt that he knew how or why, but there it was. Norman sent me a small book called The Dash, Making a Difference with Your Life by Linda Ellis and Mac Anderson. I sat back in my chair and paused to glance through the book. It caused me to take a calm moment — important in and of itself considering the day. When I got to page 55, there it was — just what I needed. How did Norman know? Do any of us know just how important out of the blue moments may be to someone?

But there was the quote by Nelson Henderson on page 55: “The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” I suddenly realized that I have been planting trees each summer on my property for nearly two decades. Yet, the last two years as I did so, I realized I might not see those trees mature. I didn’t stop planting — instead, I recognized it did not matter because my children or others would one day enjoy the shade of the trees I was planting. My enthusiasm about the trees did not diminish but actually grew with the thought.

When I read that quote I was reminded of those thoughts but realized something else — the camp community each year plants seeds in the hearts and minds of millions of children. We may never personally see those seeds flourish, but without question others enjoy the “shade.” We make our world better for tomorrow. Plant a tree this summer.


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