Remembering Pop

Posted: June 24, 2013

James (Pop) Hollandsworth passed away last week.

I met Pop Hollandsworth early in my ACA career. I was attending a conference in ACA, Southeastern and was advised to go to Pop’s workshop on “how to climb a tree.” To my surprise, when I arrived at the session (being held under a tree), I saw a diminutive, sparkling elderly man who was in his eighties. He reminded us of the simple beauty and magic of climbing a tree — a tree full of life lessons.

Regardless of Pop’s size or age, the power, energy, and spirit this man emitted was extraordinary. In the years that followed, whenever I had the privilege of sharing time with Pop, it was the same — I left his presence knowing there was good in the world.

The last time I was with Pop was in Hong Kong for the 2011 International Camping Congress. I was exhausted from the long flight and bemoaning my weariness, when once again, I saw that diminutive, sparkling elderly man, bent and gnarled by time, navigating his way through the camping congress with energy and zest. My youngest son, Dayton, had traveled to Hong Kong with me, and I felt it was such an honor to introduce him to this powerhouse of a man.

Neither Dayton nor I complained one more time about jet lag! We simply were in awe.

We will miss Pop but forever feel his presence.

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