Who Else Wants This T-shirt?

Posted: August 20, 2012

Have you seen the T-shirt that says, “Forget the box — think outside”?

I want that T-shirt. There are so many applications for this phrase.

  1. If we want to save the “outside,” we better forget thinking inside the box. Solutions are going to have to be new, innovative, and profound.
  2. If we read the research, our ability to think is enhanced by the time we spend outside. To be boxed in a classroom for extended periods of time (throughout the year) seems counterintuitive.
  3. If we would think about how we help our children balance their time spent with technology and outside, my guess is we would be healthier, have young leaders committed to solving environmental woes, and take more time to be thoughtful and reflective.

We all need to “wear” — that is, live — the life this T-shirt suggests.


Think Outside - No Box Required Shirt