Words Can Be Your Friends

Posted: August 30, 2011

Good friends make you think. That is why I love words. Sometimes it is the sound and rhythm of a word. Sometimes it is the simplicity or complexity of the pronunciation. Often, it is the meaning that attracts or provokes me — like "disruptive thinking" . . . love it.

I was reading a blog about disruptive thinking: "Being innovative . . . requires disruptive thinking, which is an evolutionary process with many failures along the way. That 's tough to do especially since all of us are taught that failure is bad and we try to avoid it at all costs".

We, as professionals, must protect our disruptive space if we are to succeed. As those who teach and influence children and youth, we must provide space for disruptive thinking. And as an institution, whether a camp or ACA, we must embrace disruptive thinking if we hope to remain relevant.