The Words on My Wall

Posted: March 06, 2012

It was nearing the close of my day and I leaned back to reflect. I suddenly found myself focused on several sayings that I had posted on the wall in front of my desk. I started rereading them and found myself asking why these statements had resonated with me. Why had I saved them? I began to chuckle to myself because they were all related to change and the human condition.

  • “People exposed to the same information can often interpret it differently.”
  • “Integrative thinking can resolve tension between opposing ideas and generate new alternative solutions.”
  • “The edge is not the abyss. It’s the sweet spot for productive change.”
  • “Explore the possibilities of opposition — the tension between the two can create superior ideas.”
  • “Collaboration is an unnatural act committed by non-consenting adults.”
  • And finally, “Humility makes it possible for us listen to others.”

I realized I had saved the sayings to help me understand change; appreciate the value of opposition and tension; find humor even in the struggle; and recognize that I had to let go of hubris and embrace humility if true, positive outcomes were more important than winning.



On collaboration

Thanks . . . I always love a good quote for meditation.
For your collaboration one, I thought you'd be interested to know I started a new website to that end -- it is an info site for service, not for profit.