Working Toward a Solution

Posted: December 21, 2012

We all continue to mourn the events of Sandy Hook Elementary School. That said, the discourse and deliberation about possible solutions are being expressed across the country.

Yet, what is the comprehensive answer? Frankly and honestly, I don't know. That said, I expect that any number of ACA's leadership groups will be seriously deliberating on this issue, and others, during the next couple of months. For instance, the National Council of Leaders and the ACA Board of Directors will meet in February, and I expect this topic to be at the top of the agenda.

We must act — but informed and cogent action is imperative. I do believe we will see both short- and long-term solutions emerge as a country and as a camp community. The problem is too complex to result in one solution; instead, the solution may be a series of powerful, impactful changes in regulation, access, procedures, behavior, and culture. (Again, for the camp community and the country.)

All I know is that we must protect our children. They are the future. To do anything less is incredibly careless and foolish. I hope that you will engage in ACA's leadership deliberation in the new year.