Your Personal Brand

Posted: January 23, 2012

As we each initiate or continue to sustain our life’s work, I feel that today our personal brand is nearly as important as our resume.  How are we unique and distinct? Is it the collective list of skills, education, and job experiences that will make you stand-out? Maybe — but only for a nano-second, because whether we are cognizant of it or not, today people are searching for deeper meaning, purpose, and translation of your collective resume fodder. 

My suggestion is we give equal consideration and articulation to our own personal operating principles. What drives our decisions about how we use our time, and what causes us to act, or not? Can you describe your ability to be adaptive, deal with ambiguity, or remain alert? 

With the plethora of distractions and chaos, how do you remain present and ready to make meaning? Maybe it isn’t as much about the three "R's" as it is the three "A's": adaptive, ambiguity-able, and alert. What are your operating principles?

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