About the Authors

The Crisis Communications Handbook

Marla Coleman is a former national president of the American Camp Association® (ACA) and member of the Public Awareness Committee. Marla also has been a hands-on owner-director for 25+ years, as well as a consultant to camps in the New York metropolitan area. She serves as a media spokesperson for the Association, regularly providing interviews to the media on camp trends. Marla is a regular contributor to Camping Magazine and now shares her knowledge, along with her daughter-in-law, Jessica, in this timely book.

Jessica Coleman is a jack-of-all-trades camp professional. She has worked with day, resident, independent, agency, for-profit, and nonprofit camps. Before co-directing with her mother-in-law, Marla, she filled a variety of positions, from archery instructor to adventure travel counselor, head cook to office manager. Jessica is active with the American Camp Association on the National and Section level. A true camp person, Jessica met her husband, Jordan, at a camp conference, and they were married at camp.

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