BeKOOOL™ Itch Patch

Enjoy the Outdoors Itch Free: First-of-its-Kind Patch
Offers Fast Relief from Insect Bites, Poison Ivy and More

--New Itch Relief Patches prevent scratching and infections
while providing targeted, non-messy relief --


DALTON, GA. (May 6, 2013) – Spring and summer family outings no longer have to mean suffering from irritating itches courtesy of insects and poison ivy.  Now, with the launch of the BeKOOOL™ Itch Patch, comfort is as easy as “peel and apply.” 
The first-of-its-kind patch, which is clear and nearly invisible on skin, is great for the whole family because it protects the irritated area and prevents further infections from scratching.

“Our new Itch Relief Patches are ideal for active families who want to have fun outdoors and on vacation, and not worry about their kids’ insect bites getting infected from scratching or messy anti-itch creams wiping off on their clothes,” says Penny Caudill, product manager for BeKOOOL.  “And the Itch Relief Patches come in a flat pouch that’s easy to keep on hand in purses and backpacks.”

BeKOOOL’s Itch Relief Patches can be used for fast relief from pains and itching associated with insect bites, poison ivy and minor skin irritations, and stay in place during spring and summer adventures.  Each box comes with 18 of the protective, clear, easy-to-use patches.   

BeKOOOL’s new Itch Relief Patches can now be found online at ( and (, and in the anti-itch sections of the following retailers: Walmart, Dollar General, Harris Teeter and H-E-B.
For more information about BeKOOOL’s Itch Relief Patch, visit

About BeKOOOL™
BeKOOOL is a complete family of products designed to add comfort and relief for the entire family. The BeKOOOL cooling soft gel sheets are specially formulated for kids to provide immediate cooling relief from fever. BeKOOOL also has a larger, single use cooling gel sheet that provides immediate soothing relief from migraines.
Kobayashi Healthcare, LLC manufactures and distributes BeKOOOL products, along with several other brands including ClearWipe® pre-moistened microfiber lens wipes, and Cura-Heat® therapeutic heat patches for minor muscles aches and pains.

BeKOOOL’s new Itch Relief Patch is the first product of its kind in the anti-itch sections of leading retailers, and became available in March 2013.  For more information about BeKOOOL’s products, visit  For regular updates on BeKOOOL, visit and

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