Camp Keepsakes from Tumbleweed

How Does Tumbleweed Work?

We’ll design a photo book template in the style you specify and brand the book for your camp using locked down photos, captions, text and more. The book is then uploaded to a photo-book building site, just like Snapfish or Shutterfly, but it’s also branded for you!

Give your campers and their families access to the site and let them create their own dream book using the template we’ve designed, as well as any stock photos you want to provide. However you choose to do it, you’ll have our support and design expertise from start to finish.

We Make It Easy:

  • We help you design a book template for your camp.
  • We post the template to a book-building website branded for your camp.
  • Give your campers access to the site so they can create their own books.

What’s In It For Your Camp?

Your campers receive a photo journal filled with images of an experience you provided—and they loved. They share it with friends and family, over and over, anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of a laptop and CD. And instead of another company’s logo on the back cover, this book comes from you, the one who made the memories possible.

You can also mark the books up to generate revenue, or include them in registration!

Marketers call it building loyalty. We call it just plain smart.

Learn more by downloading this PDF.


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