CampBrain Releases Web-based Version

CampBrainWe released a web-based version of our popular camp software program in Fall 2013. Over the past few years, we built a 10-person development team to take on this project. Our vision was to build something that combined the best aspects of our traditional software (fast, flexible, rich screens, familiar flow, exceptional reporting) with the modern, web-based tools of the day (access from anywhere using anything). We will avoid the hyperbole that often accompanies such product releases….and simply say that we are really proud of what we have built. We think you will love to use it.

In particular, we believe you will enjoy these aspects:

  • Of course, you can access it from anywhere on any device (e.g. Macs, PCs, tablets) and you do not install anything or worry about backups.
  • The interface for both you and your parents is really beautiful. Our UX designer loves to create an experience that is smart, fast and elegant.
  • There are a lot of great self-serve aspects: build your own forms and create your own ad hoc reports.
  • The parent experience is clean and smart: register multiple kids in one step and see only those forms relating to the camps and sessions chosen.
  • We continue to handle large and complex camp offerings (i.e. lots of camps, sessions and options) in a well-structured, intuitive fashion.
  • If you have multiple camps, this is your product. You can manage as many camps as you want under one umbrella while providing camp-specific access to members of your team.

Having both a web-based and installed version of CampBrain, modules that span all aspects of camp and conference center management and the technical infrastructure to serve the smallest camp or the largest conglomerate of camps puts us in a unique position in the industry.

Yes, we have made some technology changes. But, we are still a personal, friendly, straightforward, hard-working and honest bunch that aims to delight. That has not changed.

Please take a moment to browse through our website and give us a call to chat about your specific needs.

Phone: 866-485-8885
Facebook: CampBrain
Twitter: @CampBrain

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